Through its commitment to facilitating the transmission of knowledge, ADDIDREAM offers innovative courses that enable surgeons to undergo training throughout their career journey: from internship to specialization. Delivered by internationally renowned instructors, these courses focus on the hands-on experience through personalized workshops using ADDIDREAM's models.

Interactive theoretical courses

ADDIDREAM’s courses incorporate a theoretical component delivered in person or through e-learning. The content, validated by the instructor, serves as a methodical ‘toolbox’ tailored to the course’s theme. This section also includes clinical cases, operative techniques, and discussions based on each participant’s experiences.

Masterclass sur mesure

ADDIDREAM propose une formation sur mesure et personnalisée pour les acteurs de santé souhaitant approfondir leurs connaissances.

Cours en e-learning ou présentiel avec des vidéos interactives

Workshop personnalisé sur maquettes anatomiques issues de scanners des participants

Formation optimisée pour favoriser la répétition de geste chirurgical pour accroître l’expérience du participant

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Come and experience a personalized and tailor-made experience designed to adapt to each individual.


Our courses promote skill development and learning through hands-on practice.


Work with highly valuable, precise anatomical models.


Exchange and discuss your experiences, share your questions with experts.

Custom workshops

After validating a knowledge foundation, surgeons will have the opportunity to transition from theory to practice through workshops using ADDIDREAM models. Surgeons can practice on real cases derived from instructors’ patients’ scans, and even on their own cases if they prefer. Some courses include anatomical pieces to refine surgeons’ techniques on soft tissues and understand their anatomical impact.

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Courses for juniors

This training is designed for orthopedic surgery resident students. The goal is to raise awareness and provide training on a specific topic, such as initial surgical procedures. The format includes a theoretical course and hands-on practice in person. It promotes the student’s confidence and proficiency in their practice.

The training allows juniors to interact with experts while practicing on ultra-realistic anatomical models.